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The Thickness Gauge machine is a high speed, high accuracy industrial built thickness measuring machine. Each part is rotated and scanned using a series of laser micrometers achieving an inspection of 340-360 of a parts surface for thickness defects. The parts can be routed to a rejection bin based on user defined tolerances. The PC based controller utilizes a real-time high speed operating system and custom algorithms for software filtering. We can customize filters to ignore manufactured impressed designs while testing for irregularities and/or measuring on other surfaces of the product. This industrial built machine can be used in a stand-alone application or can be integrated into an existing production line.
  • High speed, 200-220 parts per minute*
  • Each of the three Lasers, 30x850 microns wide (Oval)
  • Conveyor Speed 125-150 feet per minute
  • Accuracy approx 2/10000ths of an inch*
  • Software compensates for a true micrometer reading comparison
  • Can be used with a variety of materials and application testing
  • Integrated or standalone design
*Specs are dependent on part design and speed
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